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Furthur Live at Stabler Arena - Lehigh University on 2010-02-15

Audio Preview

Furthur Live at Stabler Arena - Lehigh University on 2010-02-15

by Furthur

Set 1:
01. Intro
02. Golden Road
03. Gloria
04. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
05. Ramble on Rose
06. Magnolia Mountain
07. Black Peter
08. Passenger
09. Next Time You See Me

Set 2:
10. Weir's "Duck Story"
11. Bertha
12. Row Jimmy
13. Reuben and Cherise >
14. No More Do I >
15. Eyes of the World >
16. Terrapin Station >
17. The Wheel >
18. Touch of Grey
19. Donor Rap

20. Brokedown Palace

Collection Furthur
Band/Artist Furthur
Venue Stabler Arena - Lehigh University
Location Bethlehem, PA

Source Microtech Gefell um900 (card, +4db pad, din'ish, fob) > lunatec V3 (digital out) > SD744T (24/48)
Lineage Wavelab 5 (fades, tracking)
Taped by SonicSound
Transferred by SonicSound


Reviewer: rferg61 - favoritefavoritefavorite - February 22, 2010
Subject: Solid Show But Don't Call it Great
There is improvement from what I had heard previously on the tour. We were in the house (a Valentine's Day gift to my sweetie, hanging out in the front row on Phil's side. The levels in the building where we were were a bit different than this mix, but Bobby's voice is still up to high compared to everyone else. And yes, the girls could be higher.

I do like the bluesy funk sound this band is working on, its different from the blue grassy sound of Phil and Friends with Jackie and Larry; but they were far tighter and walked a bigger musical tightrope and succeeded night in and night out. This is nowhere near the energy and expression of the Nokia-thons or Glen Falls show with Trey. Still, using those as the recent high water mark 5 star shows, this was a solid 3. MOre improvement will follow.
Reviewer: docta jonez - favoritefavoritefavorite - February 21, 2010
Subject: everything but the right singer
Can't beleive that BW stole that Black Peter and the Row Jimmy from JK,, other than that no complaints. the Adams was in Set 1 where it should be, and "get Back" could have been a GD tune, but oh well. another well-played show, but fails to deliver the punch of the three previous shows from 12th,13th,14th. If this is a low point, this is a pretty good band!
Reviewer: Mike, Margate, FL - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 20, 2010
Subject: Wish I was there
Saw the start of this tour at Bayfront in Miami and Hard Rock Live in the big Orlando and knew this whole tour would be hot. Been following this band since 1978 when I got on the bus and have been getting off on them ever since. I think I've listened to every show from this tour and every number they played was DEAD on. Love the energy John K. brings to the band and Russo and Lane (as always)on drums are bringing it nightly. I think the girls could be a little bit further up in the mix but that would be nit picking. Overall very inspired playing and partying from all concerned. I really wish I had tickets to the Radio City shows - OMG will have new meaning after the big apple shows. Keep up the great playing guys.
Reviewer: deadhead1023 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 19, 2010
Subject: Lucky
I'm pretty new to the Dead community because I'm only 17 and have only been to 1 Dead show previously. The first one was with the Dead at their last show at the Spectrum and I got to here some of my favorite Dead tunes. I've heard that that was probably the best Dead (post Grateful Dead) show. Then I get my second chance to go to a show which happened to be Furthur at Lehigh U. It was an awesome show and they sounded pretty hot, but the thing is that I wasn't familiar with all the songs because I'm still trying to hear all their songs and learn the lyrics. People are saying that this could be the best show the whole tour. I feel very lucky to have heard the best two shows since they started touring last year and I'm really growing to become a Dead Head and see them many, many more times.
Reviewer: wtp024 - - February 18, 2010
Subject: BOB JOKE
i can't believe bobby told the duck joke. he shold tell the yellow dog stoooooorrry!
Reviewer: rcreech1021 - favoritefavoritefavorite - February 18, 2010
Reviewer: lzwm - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 18, 2010
Subject: shows sounds excellent
Sounds like an awesome show. Too bad I couldn't make this one... would have been much shorter of a drive for me.

I was at the Fairfax show... not uploaded unfortunately... had to buy from the soundboard on Relistening still gives me chills up and down my spine.

So great to have this band touring, I was too young to ever see the real thing.
Reviewer: DJ Mac - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 18, 2010
Subject: Stabler
First show attended of this new incarnation, can't agree more with the consensus that this is THE best we've seen since 8/9/95. I hope (and this seems to be the word on the street) they stay in place for a while and tour frequnetly.

As for the show, a very well played show with a decent amount of surprises on what was played and what wasn't played -- such as staying away from the cliche, yet ripe, CR&S. My highlights included a very inspired and high energy JK-fueled RO Rose, a white hot Passenger (which should have ended the first set, NTYSM was a bit of a throw away IMO). The Black Peter was also a treat for me and the stand alone start and non segue stop was very unique and sort fo sends yoru Deadhead sensibility on its ear. Good to hear the Gloria rap here, it was hard to decipher at the time from the front of the floor.

Second Set highlights, mostly the obvious. The Bertha>Jimmy was a great way to open (FYI: John couldn't tell the joke, he was dealing with the equipment issues. Bob was hysterical in his delivery, particularly his facial expressions everytime he delivered the "FLIEEEES" line.) JK handled Row Jimmy just beautifully, from all angles. R & C was very welcome, though I did feel they bailed on the jam a little early, but that's an observation and not a critique. The Eyes>Terrapin>Wheel was spectacular, JK and JC were really phenomenal. Phil was on the mark all night long and really lit up Eyes at various points.

I would not have wished for No More Do I if scratching out an anticipated setlist, but it was very well played and was a nice lead-in to Eyes. While I am normally a huge fan of Touch to close a second set, the Sugar Mags was SO right there for the taking that Touch left me a little bit empty at that point. Though in retrospect there is nothing wrong with the version played.

All in all, a great night amid uncertain weather and at the end of a long four day stint of shows that could have left the band tired and uninspired. The long travel didn't translate into a down show at all, very jammy. Off to Delaware next.
Reviewer: augustsdad - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 18, 2010
Subject: good stuff
good stuff- looks like the weather problems were made up for in the music-

i have been asking the same thing-
wonderign if the fairfax show isnt slated for release by the band?
thanks again tapers- you make the music never stop!
Reviewer: jamjax - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 18, 2010
Subject: Let John Tell the Jokes
Weir totally botched the Duck joke. It usually goes with a Rabbit entering a hardware store and asking for Cabbage.

He killed the punchline by asking for flies first. I know we love Bob, but please let John tell the jokes.
Reviewer: heeberhead - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 18, 2010
Subject: Thanks Jim
Grate to have the boys come play in your own back yard. First set was nice with a sweet Ramble on Rose for Kate and solid Black Peter and NTYSM to finish it off. For me the second set was where it was at. Jim called the Bertha opener and it good one, thanks again for the ticket. Reuben & Cherise was a nice surprise as it is one of my faves and John did a really nice job on it. Great jamming in Eyes and Terrapin and even the bad weather, airport-like security and the equipt problems couldnt ruin this night. Thanks Sonic Sounds for the great recording. Any chance for the 16 bit version for us poor people?
Reviewer: willy76 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 18, 2010
Subject: Good Show
I have to say having seen so many of the spinoff bands, furthur fest, other ones, the dead etc... that this is the best lineup in the last 14 years. Love magnolia mountain, great tune. This ryan adams is perfecty suited for furthur to cover

It would be even better if john sang the traditional jerry songs. When Bob trys to sing them it reminds me of William Shattner spoken word.... ok not that bad... but it still doesn't sound right.

Yeah the parking lot was a little hairy with snow and ice. It added a different dynamic to show. Thank you 4 wheel drive.
Reviewer: njgrateful - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 17, 2010
Subject: Superb
Was at this show along with both shows in Asbury in December. This show was awesome. 1st set was great with Black Peter and Passenger but the second set was especially groovin'. Eyes and Row Jimmy were stellar. So cool when Bobby pretended that the guitar was an ore. The Wheel was perfect. Overall simply amazing. Give it a listen. You will not be disappointed. IMO the best show Furthur show I've been to. It also felt great to miracle a ticket to someone.
Reviewer: jr midtown - favoritefavoritefavorite - February 17, 2010
Subject: see here how everything leads...
Is it my imagination, or did they play the "see here" bridge twice on Black Peter?

So how was the parking lot on the way out? My wife and I had done Hampton-Fairfax-Ithaca, and got it into our heads to drive to Stabler on the way home (since we live just over an hour away on 78), but the lack of tickets and snowy parking lot made us think better.

Wasn't there, but giving it a cautious 3-star rating. The opening 1st set sequence sounds great, a few other nice first set moments. Nice to hear Bob's joke, atypical for the Dead to talk so much. Second set sounds mellow and jazzy, would have been a nice ending to an action-packed weekend (just a little bit furthur?). But it sounds like there were some rough edges at the venue, so maybe just as well we let it pass by...
Reviewer: st stephen 11 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 17, 2010
Subject: Grate night in Bethlehem
Wow, Golden road opener to get the arena on fire, smokin Ramble on Rose and the second set was the best set of music I have heard from anyone, anywhere in at least 17 years. Magical night indeed. Scared about the snow that really started coming down in the lot before the show and the ride home, but it all just kinda went away. So looking forward to this lineup being around for a while. Thanks for a real good time
Reviewer: gojohnnygogo - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 17, 2010
Subject: Sing alongs
Nice recording, albiet the mics need to be hoisted above the crowd. People - you don't have to sing along to every word on every song. It really doesn't impress the person you sitting next to. This has become a problem over the last few years. Shut up and listen to the Music Play.........Show 5 stars, self appointed backup singers 1.
Reviewer: spunyun - - February 17, 2010
Subject: where is 2/13
where is the tape of 2/13, fairfax was incredible and no one has posted it, we have 2/12 and 2/14 but no 13! please someone help
Reviewer: PennsylvaniaPete - favoritefavoritefavorite - February 17, 2010
Subject: Cold Sleet and Snow
Parking lot was a mess. Had to park on a field covered with snow and ice. Long wait to get into both the lot and the show through a in depth patdown.

The sound quality of Stabler has a positive reputation. Perhaps because it is as wide as it is deep. The show was played tightly if not with much originality. They took it safe tonight, but I was not at all disappointed.
Reviewer: tahoebum - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 17, 2010
Subject: gettin spoiled here
thank you,mr taperpman
Reviewer: PHILLYW - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 17, 2010
Subject: Great Sound
Nice capture of a nice night! Bob obviously pining for the beginning of baseball season. Interesting tidbit; not one song penned by Bobby
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